Konstantin fucks his wife with a playmate, this is how he crushes her breasts VIDEO 18+

A scandalous video with the participation of the pop-folk singer Konstantin, who is pressing on with the famous silicone girl Anna-Maria Cherneva, went viral on social networks. The singer’s behavior was not well received by moralists who reminded him that he was married and exposing his wife.

In the video, it is clearly seen how the performer of “Calm down” dives into the tits of the playmate.

The video shows Koceto crying like a little child, and his friend Dimitar Kovachev – Funky watches with his mouth open as the pop-folk singer rubs the big balls of one of the angels in his new erotic show.

Konstantin is using the video in question as a publicity stunt for his club in Studentski Grad, but he’s definitely gone overboard in his efforts to make noise around the bar. “I don’t know how his wife tolerates him rubbing himself in such messes. Let him think that his children are also watching him, what an example he is setting”, they are angry on the network./show.blitz.bg

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