Is Gala pregnant?! The presenter said everything

The towering Gala made many intimate confessions on the air on Nova TV. The topic was more than personal – breast milk and pregnancy.

Before that, the show talked about how disgusting it is to congratulate a woman on her pregnancy, when in fact she just gained weight.

“Well, aren’t there other topics besides pregnancy and breast milk?” stuttered the 56-year-old Gala, after feeling that she could incur the wrath of the viewers again.

However, the host did not fail to mention that there was a rumor about her being pregnant, writes

“They used to say that I was pregnant, now I’m just fat,” said Gala, a little shaken, who had long been tired of being made fun of by such comments and gossip about herself.

Who exactly spread this rumor about Gala was not clear, but soon there were no such claims at all in the yellow sites.

Even her relationship with Stefan is rarely mentioned./

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