The health problems that Irina Tencheva has had in recent months have made her feel various fears and doubts. The wife of the producer Ivan Hristov has been sick with K-19 several times, and the consequences of this are apparently already affecting her psyche, judging by what she herself shares.

“In this autumn photo I am sitting in the middle of a Greek vineyard and I am very happy and relieved, because minutes before I had checked the results of another blood test. Throughout August and September I had a remarkable drop in energy – I was living in a kind of half-sleep; I fell asleep, where I sat down, I forgot a lot, I would have flu like symptoms periodically and then they would go away, my hair was falling out… It was like it wasn’t me!

In short – from the results I found out that my hemoglobin is very low, and also that another crushing covid has passed through me, but against the background of other assumptions, this was really great news!”, Tencheva wrote in her profile on the social network.

While waiting for the results of her tests, Irina was on the verge of a nervous breakdown, because all kinds of scary diagnoses were running through her head. She imagined herself sick from the worst. She decided to start a therapy with essential oils and nutritional supplements to stabilize her health and advised her followers to get an antibody test as well as other blood tests if they have similar ailments to hers.

In order not to completely collapse mentally, Tencheva went to Barcelona with her husband and their children, and according to her, their favorite activity there was to visit the local markets. “There, we are always somewhat euphoric from the abundance of flavors, people, and we always eat something on the go. Simple pleasures are our specialty. One of our happiest moments happens in the markets,” Tencheva wrote on the network.

Since falling in love with each other more than 10 years ago, Ivan and Irina have not stopped demonstrating a harmonious relationship. Ivan Hristov even shared that during his marriage to his first wife Vihra Petrova, he was very attached to the cup, as he did not feel satisfied in his personal life.

He was even on the verge of becoming an alcoholic and ending badly, but then Tencheva managed to change him for the better and to this day he lives and eats healthily, even tries to do sports.

Irina herself has also been sober since the beginning of this year. She made the decision not to drink alcohol after reading a book on the subject.

Not long ago, she was drinking daily to release tension, but she swears that’s a thing of the past. The blonde turned to spirituality and found other ways to relax her nerves.