This man made a disturbing discovery while removing the carpet from the house he had just purchased.

man house pentagram satan occult discovery

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man house pentagram satan occult discovery

Le subreddit “oddly terrifying” est a forum where people come together to joke about unexpected scary discoveries and encounters. A user of Reddit said he pulled out the carpet in his new home to discover a pentagram carved into the floorboards.

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The post was full of jokes taken lightly and attempts to explain the potential meaning of the pentagram depending on religion, culture and inclinations.

A user of Reddit spoke of the one found in the house:

It’s likely that the house’s previous owners (or those before them for that matter) knew there was something in the house.

Deleting it would be a mistake. If you remove it, you have to replace it somehow. But do what you want – the previous owners may have done this as a joke without knowing the meaning of the sigil, and it may not have been placed there intentionally, because there is something in the house.

house pentagram meaning u/AdamPowers22/Reddit

What does the pentagram mean?

The pentagram existed long before Christ and evolved over the years, its meaning changing from culture to culture. In modern times, however, it has been associated with the occult. The inverted pentagram is associated with “black magic” and devil worship, because it is present in one of the main symbols of the Church of Satan: The sigil of Baphomet. The symbol has made its way into popular culture as a symbol of spiritual communions and vigils, as can be seen in the popular series Supernatural. It can also be interpreted as a protective sign intended to ward off evil.

church satan pentagram Benny Johnson

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