Have you tried elephant ears yet? Recipe for large cinnamon-scented yeast pancakes

Everyone knows donuts. With jam, chocolate or even cream, the choice is really rich. However, only a few have tried the so-called elephant ears, which do not disappoint with their taste and can become a revival of our traditional menu. Let’s get into them.

The champions in eating donuts of all kinds and shapes were and are Americans. It is not surprising that we could also trace the origin of elephant ears to this oceanic continent. And where else to learn than from real experts. Therefore, with taste and confidence, we can start preparing a dessert that is a little different from what we are normally used to.

You can find a video tutorial for elephant ears on YouTube in the Allrecipes channel:

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You definitely have the ingredients at home

Have you longed for donuts that would impress the rest of the family or any visitor? It will certainly not be a problem to prepare them at home. You will only need 4 cups of plain flour, 8 tablespoons of granulated sugar, 6 tablespoons of butter and 1.5 cups of milk to make the dough for this delicacy. To this, we will only add two packages of dry yeast, a teaspoon of salt and vanilla extract, and we will also need two tablespoons of cinnamon. Of course, you can’t fry donuts without oil.

Preparing the dough is not difficult

So let’s start preparing the dough. First, heat the milk slightly, to which we add butter, a quarter of the sugar and salt. Once everything is dissolved, let the milk cool down to approximately 40°C before continuing. The lower temperature is only necessary because yeast will now enter the milk, which would not tolerate a higher temperature. So that you don’t have to wait a long time, it is also possible to choose a faster option, where you heat only one cup of milk in which you dissolve the mentioned ingredients. Then you add the rest of the cold and the temperature will drop to the desired level.

Time will help you to perfection

Let the yeast work in the milk for about a quarter of an hour, then add the vanilla extract and gradually add and carefully mix in all the measured plain flour through a sieve. The finished dough should not stick to the walls of the container, whether you knead it by hand or with a robot. No one but time can do the rest of the work. A properly made dough should be covered with a towel and left to rise in a warm place for about an hour, until it doubles in volume, it will be time for the next work.

Donut roller? This time yes!

At this point it will be time to shape the doughnuts. While in the classic case we would now prepare uniform buns, this time we will use a noodle rolling pin to create relatively thin patties from the separate parts of the dough that can fit in the palm of your hand, which will be able to go straight into the oil. We must never skimp on this when frying doughnuts. If you don’t want to waste oil, it would be better to use a pan with a smaller diameter for frying, in which even a small amount of oil will create a high layer. This is necessary now.

Fried, done.

Carefully place the raw elephant ears that have been formed into the oil, and since they are thin and will float, we don’t have to worry about them remaining raw inside. After two minutes, turn each donut over and let it cook for the same amount of time again on the stove. As soon as they turn golden, we can be sure that it is done. Take the donuts out of the oil, let them drain well on a sieve or a napkin, and finally sprinkle them with a mixture of the remaining sugar and cinnamon. Want to decorate them? Why not. There are no limits to imagination and taste. Jam, whipped cream or even cream cheese – elephant ears always get a new, unique taste. If you also use, for example, fresh fruit with the whipped cream, nothing will be missing for perfection.

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