Hard times of Boris Filan: Because of what he once loved, he is suffering!

Writer, copywriter and presenter Boris Filan (74), who at one time composed texts for Elán, despite the fact that he could be enjoying his retirement, is still extremely active and works on Radio Slovakia in Boris Filan’s Pálenica show. As he informs, the artist also suffered from health problems.

At the age of ten, Filan started playing basketball, which later caused him health problems. It is so serious that he has to undergo an operation.

“For about 50 years I have lived and fought with basketball knee. I walk very badly. Now I am already in preparation for the operation. A classic operation awaits me. They’re going to replace my entire knee joint,” he revealed to the newspaper. He remains calm before the procedure. Regular rehabilitation is really worth it if he is to get rid of the pain.

Bratislava Reduta was the scene of the 20th edition of the Prešpor Ball on Saturday, February 3. The anniversary edition of the event was opened by the Slovak Chamber Orchestra with Vivaldi’s work The Four Seasons. In Reduta, the guests were entertained on three stages, part of the ball was traditional awarding of the Július Satinský Bratislava blueberry award.

As the organizers further inform, for an unusual literary representation of travel experiences and storytelling mastery won the Bratislava Blueberry in the Personality category writer, lyricist, dramaturg, screenwriter, presenter, publicist, traveler and storyteller Boris Filan.

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