Goalkeeper Patrik Bartošák retires from Spiš after four days

The tour was one of the basic points of the contract.

After all, the Czech hockey goalkeeper Patrik Bartošák will not wear the jersey of the Slovak extraleague team HK Spišská Nová Ves. In his new workplace, he refused to undergo a medical examination, which was one of the basic points of the contract.

“We have no choice but to suspend his contract,” said general manager Richard Rapáč for the club website.

Bartošák started the 2023/24 season in the jersey of the Czech extra-league club from Hradec Králové. However, after 17 games in which he achieved a 91.9 percent save success rate and an average of 2.0 conceded goals per game, he ended his career at the club. The reason was “repeated serious breach of contract terms by the player.”

He has been out of action since the end of November. He reached an agreement with the management of Spišská Nová Ves at the beginning of February. After all, he won’t catch a single match for Spišiak.

“We carefully considered the possibility of hiring the quality goalkeeper Patrik Bartošák for the most important part of the season based on information from players and coaches who worked with him in the past. We were aware that any involvement would cause a wave of criticism,” began general manager Rapáč.

“In the club, however, we gave a similar chance to other players in previous years, and in the final reckoning, our decision turned out to be correct. Therefore, in this case too, we believed in our positive experiences, or a human approach that has proven itself and worked,” he noted.

A career full of transgressions

Bartošák’s career is accompanied by several misdemeanors. In November 2019, the club HC Oceláři Třinec prematurely ended cooperation with him, and Bartošák subsequently interrupted his career due to psychological problems. Three years later, his father accused him of assault, and his girlfriend also accused him of violence in 2015 while working overseas.

“We are aware that there are events in the player’s past that are rightly viewed critically, but despite them, based on our successful work with players with various problems off the ice, we believed that we would also be able to help Patrik,” explained the general manager.

“We made the final decision after personal meetings in which Patrik sincerely regretted his mistakes and explained the circumstances of his end in Hradec Králové. Based on all available information, we decided to give him a chance to return to professional sports under strict conditions bound by the contract, which would not jeopardize the good name of the club, which we have been building for a long time,” noted Rapáč.

Despite the unsuccessful engagement, Spišiaci did not part with Bartošák in a bad way. On the contrary, the club showed an effort to help him.

“We will not turn our backs on him, but we are willing to give him a helping hand, because his story is not unique in the sports world. We want to be an example that people, not just professional athletes, need to be helped when they need it the most,” explained Richard Rapáč.

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