Gala startled everyone, admitted where they were burying her

Gala admitted on air something that literally shocked the viewers in front of the small screens. One of our most popular hosts announced that she already owns land in Scotland, and the addition she made initially silenced everyone in the studio.

“If I choose, they can bury me there,” Gala said, making everyone freeze for a moment with his dark humor. And he added that in Scotland owning land automatically led to receiving a noble title.

“I also have a certificate that certifies that I already have the right to use the title of lady. So I am now Lady Gala, which is a noblewoman,” explained the presenter with a smile.

By the way, Gala has never been to Scotland and according to her – she doesn’t even know where her property is located, but on the other hand she is very happy with the gift given to her by a close person.

Recently, it is very fashionable for a person to buy land from the moon or to make such a gift. A reference shows that for only 12 BGN we can buy an acre on the moon, and according to experts, such an investment is one of the best capital investments. A plot of land in the so-called Taurus Mountains of the Moon costs $32, but if you buy 40 acres, the price drops to $21.

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