Flames engulfed the hospital, 200 patients had to be evacuated: The fire claimed 3 lives!

At least three people died as a result of a fire that broke out late Friday evening in a hospital in the Italian city of Tivoli, near the capital Rome. 200 patients had to be evacuated, reports TASR according to the APA agency.

Local media reported that two people died as a result smoke poisoning and a third person suffered a heart attack. The rescue services also discovered the fourth victim, who died before the fire broke out; however, the circumstances of this death were not immediately clear.

Two of the injured are in critical condition, local authorities said. The causes of the fire, which was extinguished during the night on Saturday, are still unknown. Among the more than 200 evacuated patients is seven children.

The seriously injured were taken to nearby clinics. The patients, who suffered only minor injuries, were temporarily transferred to the sports hall near the affected hospital until they can be placed in other medical facilities.

According to rescue services, the fire broke out in the premises on the second floor of the hospital. From there, the flames spread to the emergency department and intensive care unit. Other departments were not affected, but the smoke spread to the entire hospital building, so it had to be evacuated. Currently there is a threat that will be closed longeradds APA.

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