Emilia froze with this confession about Denis Teofikov: He did not commit suicide! VIDEO

The folk singer Emilia made a chilling confession in a recent online interview, and her words will cause a real shock not only in folk circles, because the tragic and ridiculous death of the young performer shook the whole of Bulgaria.

“To this day, I still don’t believe that he committed suicide!” Emilia declared on Alper Chochev’s podcast.

He was such a goofy kid, I’m just speechless. When he passed away, I was pregnant and didn’t even make it to the funeral. Then we wondered when and if we should release the clips. We were thinking of releasing them after the fortieth day, but we didn’t know if it was okay for that to happen then, because he was pointing a gun to his head in the second clip…how people would take it. We were in shock! We didn’t know what to do, the performer rewinds the tape.

With “Shark” we really set a precedent – half a million in 24 hours! It was my husband’s idea to make it like a movie, with lines, and the lines were thought up by people from Undercover. Denis has a unique talent and I am not saying this because he is no longer alive. This boy could have been a world star! I’m not exaggerating right now.

Dennis was so looking forward to these videos coming out. In such a short period of time, he made such songs, such videos… we were constantly talking to each other and he asked me when they would be released. A unique talent… I am glad that life brought me such a talent and a person like him. At least we managed to leave something for people to enjoy.

There is such a maxim among us performers – what they sing, that happens to them. It’s so bad… You know what lyrics I want to sing, after which you can cut your veins, but I won’t sing them, because what I sing, this happens to me. (laughing).

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