Earthquake in the Slovakia movement, several members leave Matovič: This was the last straw!

Several members are leaving the Slovakia movement because of the uncritical approach of the leadership, the non-transparent composition of the candidate list or political isolation. Peter Kremský, Mária Šofranko, Veronika Gmiterko, Vojtech Tóth, Peter Liba and Ján Marosz requested to terminate their membership.

“After several unsuccessful attempts to change the functioning of the Slovakia movement (former OĽANO), we have decided to end membership and cooperation with the Slovakia movement under the leadership of Igor Matovič,” they said in a joint statement. They cited the lack of a critical approach and willingness to discuss unpleasant topics fairly. They talk about political isolation and ill-considered actions by the leadership, such as hastily changing the name of the movement.

According to their own words, they became members of the movement in order to advocate for the development and improvement of life in the country and for the purification of public life. “Over the past year, however, more and more populism, conflict and political trading have entered the politics of the former OĽANO“, they stated that the leadership of the movement is not open to discussion and ignores or downplays critical comments. According to them, individual interests prevail in the movement and everything is decided by “a few related people”.

The outgoing members called the candidacy of the chairman of the movement in the presidential elections the last straw. “For us, people with a different opinion are not enemies, we consider cooperation and decent discussion to be very important“, they added.

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