Drivers in Slovakia are probably in for some news

Traffic analysts welcome the change, it could have come a long time ago.

According to the new rules, a confirmation of compulsory contractual insurance in electronic form should be sufficient for a regular police check. According to the Ministry of the Interior, the law needs to be amended for this. The Department of Finance has indicated that there is no need to change it.

The General Assembly of the European Council of Green Card Offices decided that all member states, including Slovakia, will have to accept the so-called green card in electronic format. And that, for example, even during a regular road inspection.

“The driver is obliged to carry a document with which he can demonstrate that he has paid statutory domestic insurance and statutory international insurance. At first, the international one was shown with a green card, the domestic with a white one. Then it was merged into one card,” explained traffic analyst Jozef Drahovský.

The traffic analyst describes how it works today in practice in our country and in neighboring countries. “It is usually proven on paper. Abroad, it is mostly just a record in a database or in electronic form,” he added.

“Currently, proof of compulsory contractual insurance is only accepted in paper form,” explained the spokesman of the Ministry of the Interior, Matej Neumann.

Editor Radoslav Šebo addressed the electronic confirmation of compulsory contractual insurance:

The Department of Finance does not see the problem

However, according to the Ministry of Finance, which is in charge of compulsory contractual insurance, the law does not specify in detail what form this confirmation should take, whether paper, electronic or other. “Already now it is possible to prove the conclusion of compulsory contractual insurance in electronic form,” stated the Ministry of Finance.

“Acceptance of the document on compulsory contractual insurance in electronic form will be possible only after the legislation is changed,” said the spokesman of the Ministry of the Interior, Matej Neumann.

Traffic analysts welcome the possibility of checking compulsory contractual insurance in electronic form. There are even opinions that drivers could have had such an option even earlier.

“It is not a document that has hologram features or protection like a driver’s or ID card. That’s why I think it could have been accepted as a phone photo a long time ago,” said traffic analyst Alexander Štefuca.

Unification of issuance of confirmation

Today, insurance companies send the confirmation of payment of the compulsory contractual insurance to drivers in different ways. Some are sent home by post, others have established electronic communication with the insurance company and the so-called they print the green card at home. After the new, this will also be united.

“From January 1, 2025, they will be bound by the obligation to issue a confirmation to the insured in electronic form,” explained Eva Jacková, spokeswoman for the Slovak Insurance Association and the Slovak Office of Insurers.

The Ministry of the Interior declares that, together with the Ministry of Finance, they are already looking for a solution to change the law so that the police will act in accordance with the new rules from the new year.

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