Don’t throw away old socks: Make them into easy and original decorative snowmen

The time before Christmas is perfect for making all kinds of decorative items. To be honest, most of us like to go back to our childhood at this time, so why not create a beautiful sock snowman?

There are several ways to make a snowman, and there is even one that will not destroy the sock and we will be able to wear it again after Christmas. How to make the snowman successful and make you and your children happy? It’s not complicated at all and you’ll only need a few things. So let’s get down to it.

How to make your sock snowman even better? You can find inspiration on the YouTube channel Make Life Lovely:

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Just a few things…

We will of course prepare a white sock, scissors, thread, two buttons and filling for the sock snowman. This can be made of, for example, rice or buckwheat, but we can also use cotton wool. You just have to take into account that the cotton snowman will not stand so well and it will be better to place it on some kind of support. We have everything we need ready, it’s time to start producing.

Cut and sew

First, we cut off only the upper part of the sock, i.e. the part that would cover the calf. We turn it inside out and sew it at the bottom end. It doesn’t have to be any fancy stitches, it’s even possible to just tie it tightly with string. When it’s done, we turn the sock back inside out, and there won’t even be an appearance after sewing or tying. At this point, it’s time to stuff the sock. We simply pour the prepared material into it so that it ends approximately three or preferably four centimeters below the upper edge.

What kind of cap will he wear?

Now we have to sew the filled sock at the top as well. We do this by leaving a little space for the filling to spread inside the snowman and we place the seam about a centimeter above its top edge. It is important to cover everything well so that the snowman does not fall out. The rest of the sock, which will protrude through the seam, can be decorated with a small pom-pom, for example, and thus create a small cap for the snowman. We can also make a bigger cap from another old, this time colored, sock, from which we cut off the upper few centimeters, sew it in the lower part, and its hem will then also form the hem of the cap. Just put it on the snowman and it’s almost done.

Make the body and head

But for now, the filled sock looks more like a short caterpillar than a snowman. Therefore, we tie it with a string a little above the middle so that a larger base and a smaller head are created. We can then sew buttons instead of eyes onto the head or stick on with self-adhesive ones, which can be bought in stationery stores or art supply stores, and when creating, especially with children, it is always useful to have a good supply of them at home. It will be done in a few minutes and the next Christmas decoration can go to its place.

You don’t have to destroy the sock

We can even make a sock snowman without destroying a sock if you don’t have any at home other than the ones you still wear. Instead of thread and needle, we will only use hair elastics this time and we won’t even need scissors, maybe only when completing the whole work. This time, we turn the entire sock inside out, “rubber” it firmly above the heel and turn it back so that the foot of the sock remains inside the future snowman. We will level it so that it does not interfere with the filling, which we will now pour there.

Back in the closet after Christmas

The next procedure is the same as in the first case, only we will use a rubber band for everything – i.e. both for the upper part and for dividing the body from the head. If we use self-adhesive eyelets, we can easily peel them off after the holidays, remove the rubber band from the sock, throw it out, wash it – and nothing prevents it from going back to the closet. It’s not a good idea?

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