Dog breeds that are always hungry. They will crave food even if they are deathly overweight

You sit down to dinner at home, and at the same time, one hungry eye is watching you. And that’s what you just fed your four-legged pet! Do you have a dog at home who is always hungry and is able to eat anything? Life with such a dog can be both a comedy and a tragedy. Welcome to the world of dog hunger.

Dogs are wonderful companions, but some breeds are prone to constant hunger. If you own one of these breeds, you know that maintaining their weight and health can be a challenge. Let’s take a look at a few breeds that are known for their love of food and how to properly handle this behavior.

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There are several factors that can influence why some dogs are hungrier than others:

Genetics: Some dog breeds are genetically more prone to constant hunger or overeating. For example, a hunter that is equipped to find and consume food may have a higher appetite than other breeds.

Metabolism: A dog’s metabolic rate can play a role in how often he feels hungry. Dogs with a fast metabolism can burn energy faster and therefore have a greater need for food.

Lifestyle and exercise: Activity and exercise levels also affect how much energy your dog burns and how much food it needs. Dogs that have a higher activity level or are regularly exercised may have a larger appetite than those that are less active.

Eating habits: Some dogs may be more fixated on food due to their previous experience or environment. Dogs that have been malnourished in the past or that have not been fed regularly can develop unhealthy eating habits.

Stress and anxiety: Stress and anxiety can also affect a dog’s eating habits. Some dogs may overeat or seek comfort in food when stressed or anxious.

6. Diseases and health problems: For example, hormonal imbalances can cause changes in appetite, while gastrointestinal problems can lead to problems digesting food. Such health problems can cause the dog to be less willing to eat or to have problems accepting certain foods.

The 7 Biggest Hungry Dogs


The Labrador retriever is a breed that was bred as a hunting and working dog. These dogs are known for their energy and activity, which leads to a higher metabolism and therefore a higher need for energy. This high energy requirement can lead to a greater appetite.


Even though the dachshund is a small dog, it has a huge appetite. They tend to gain weight if owners are not careful about the amount and type of food they feed them. The dachshund is a breed with a low body and a strong build, originally bred to hunt game. Due to their hunting origin, they tend to have a higher appetite.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Pembroke Welsh Corgis were originally bred as herding dogs. They may have a higher appetite due to their historical use for physically demanding work tasks in pastures, which required sufficient energy. They love movement and activity, whether it’s walking, playing or training. Proper diet and exercise are key to maintaining their optimal weight and overall health.


Pugs are relatively low-energy dogs that enjoy short walks and playtime indoors. It is important to monitor their diet and exercise to avoid being overweight, which is a common problem with this breed. They tend to be overweight due to their slow metabolism and low activity levels.


Beagles are highly energetic breeds with a strong sense of smell. They need daily walks to keep them physically fit and mentally stimulated. At least 1-2 walks a day are ideal, and each one should last at least 30-60 minutes. They tend to overeat due to their hunting instinct.

Cavalier King Charles spaniel

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are loving and devoted dogs who enjoy the company of their family. This highly social nature can lead to a constant display of interest in food, especially if it is associated with emotions such as joy or anxiety. To prevent overeating in a Cavalier, it is important to maintain a regular and balanced eating regimen that includes following the correct portions and limiting frequent treats or extras that can lead to excess caloric intake.


The Basset Hound is a breed known for its love of food and its irresistible ability to seek out and track food. Owners should be careful not to leave food within reach and should carefully monitor their diet and portions to prevent obesity and health problems.

If you have a dog that is always hungry, the key to keeping it healthy and slim is regular exercise, a balanced diet and proper portion sizes. It is also recommended to monitor his health and possibly consult a veterinarian if you are concerned about his eating habits.

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