Do your kitchen chairs deserve a facelift? These tricks will make them as good as new again

Wooden garden furniture will also look great in your apartment. Give it a chance and you will be pleasantly surprised.

Wooden garden chairs are quite practical. They have a simple design, so they fit into any type of interior. In addition, they are foldable, so they do not take up a lot of space unnecessarily. In addition, thanks to the wooden base, they warm up your interior nicely and bring a bit of timelessness and nature into it. But even this type of chair has its pitfalls. Because the seat is made of different wooden planks, it sometimes happens that one of them warps or cracks. What with this?

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Repair material

You can also fix a bent chair yourself. The best helper in this case will be a repair compound, which you can use both for gluing, but also for filling and sealing. How to do it: Clean the affected area and remove dust and grease. Then cut off the desired amount of repair compound and heat it thoroughly in your fingers until it turns white. The moment the mixture starts to stick to your fingers, it is ready for application. With this “repair plasticine” you can replace, for example, chipped corners of a table, dresser or chair. It will also help you when repairing a cracked handle on the refrigerator or a handle on the cabinet.

Substitute for missing wood

As we have already indicated, the consistency of the repair material is similar to modeling clay. It is malleable and very easy to handle. Once you have adapted it to your image, just press it into place and smooth it nicely. But be careful – the specifics of the repair compound is that it hardens within five minutes! Once it hardens, you can continue to work with it, for example sanding or painting it. If you choose the same shade as the original, no one will even notice the replaced part.

It will also fix a crooked backrest

Fixing, for example, a bent backrest is a piece of cake. Just press the repair compound into place and let it harden. After five minutes, it is advisable to sand it a little, rub it over and you are done!

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