Do you know which animals eat snakes? Few people know the answer

Do you know which animals also enjoy snakes? You would certainly remember some, other types of animals will surely surprise you. There are so many!

Not only the Czech Republic, but also our surroundings, i.e. the center of Europe, is home to a wide range of wild animals. Many of the predators also prey on snakes and naturally regulate their population. Although snakes are often feared, like many animals they are also misunderstood as they are definitely also a necessary part of the ecosystem. Similar to flies or other invasive insects. Even snakes are indispensable in nature, even if they can bother us.

TopTrending CZ will introduce you to the 5 most poisonous animals in our country. Of course, the video post also mentions the only feared poisonous snakes in our country, vipers.

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What animals eat snakes?

Among the wild animals that do not disdain snakes are also many mammals. An important predator of snakes is the European hedgehog. It is said that people used to literally lure hedgehogs into gardens and leave enough space and piles of leaves for them to spend the winter there. They not only helped gardeners to regulate the occurrence of snakes, but also slugs and snails. Wolves and bears also feed on snakes, but also badgers and foxes, which normally live near humans.

When we talk about animals, we often don’t even think about birds. Birds of prey such as eagles, hawks and owls are among the most proficient snake hunters. In our country, for example, the eagle owl and wood buzzard are of great interest to snakes, including species such as the common viper and the smooth snake. Apart from these birds of prey, which we can imagine swooping down to attack a small animal or a snake in the grass, storks and herons are also famous for hunting snakes.

However, a snake can occasionally dispose of a pet. Domestic cats and dogs can also successfully hunt smaller non-venomous snakes. Terriers are said to excel among dog breeds that can handle snakes.

Among the predators that hunt snakes, we can also count humans. Even if we do not consider snake meat interesting and desirable in our parts, it is definitely edible and people in other parts add it to their diet.

How about a snake bite

Snakes are shy and meeting a person is definitely not pleasant for them. They fear as much or more than us and run away if they can. Most of the snakes here are not dangerous, although anyone can bite and it is certainly not a pleasant experience. However, only the viper, which is poisonous, is dangerous.

However, viper bites do not automatically mean serious health problems. As with other poisons, it also depends on the reaction of our body and whether the animal was young or how much poison it had. In any case, viper bites are painful and can represent a significant health problem, especially for children, the elderly or the sick. For this reason, those who are bitten are often in the hospital for observation. Symptoms that may occur include fever and chills, abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting.

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