Diona’s mother exploded: You are not saints! You treat her like a murderer!

The scandal surrounding the arrest of the folk singer Diona, who was caught driving after using narcotic substances, is escalating more and more, and the reasons are not few. The results of the samples taken from the performer, who claims that she did not drive after using drugs, but does not deny that she had previously taken drugs, have not yet been clarified.

However, the taunts and epithets that rain like a bucket at Diona on social networks could not leave indifferent the most special woman in the life of the folk diva – her mother Verginia Asenova. Her words will surprise many!

“As Diona’s mother, I have always loved and supported her, advised her and reprimanded her when she deserved it. I feel that if she has made a mistake, I am the only person who has the right to judge her or reprimand her. Why does the whole country get away with it of my child?! Is she the biggest problem in this society?!

It’s about time people stopped treating her like a murderer! There are a number of examples in the country of similar and worse events that are not approached with such interest and such hatred. 90% of the people in the comments are more ignorant and certainly less righteous people. You are not saints!

As a parent, I’m telling you, most of the people in the comments are also parents, it’s ugly to treat a human being in such an inhuman way!!!” reads Verginia Asenova’s post on her Facebook profile.

USA News Today