Diona poured out her pain after the arrest: I was wrong, I want forgiveness!

Galena said to me: Head up girl! This is what Diona said this morning on Nova TV. And the rest of her words from the TV interview confirm whether she realized what happened or not.

“It was a big mistake! I’m ashamed! This is not something nice, nor modern, nor something that can help. I deserve this punishment – both from people, and from God, and from my loved ones. I reacted stupidly, childishly, but no i am a criminal

I have my lesson and this, I don’t want to see it in a photo around me,” Diona was painfully frank, who did not hide either the emotion or the consequences she experienced.

The folk singer also admitted what made her react so provocatively after being caught by the police.

“I needed to vent my anger, so I did everything after that. Because of this arrest. You don’t have to have some physical violence to feel humiliated. On the way to the detention center, when I passed by, I saw real drug addicts, and I asked myself – this Am I, do I belong here…

I was wrong. I wanted forgiveness from my mother, from God, from all the people I had caused by my behavior to endanger them in some way.

I strongly believe that they will forgive me. When a person realizes and humbles himself. I take stock, learn the lesson and hope it is forgotten. And if they don’t forget it, let it be a lesson in how not to do it.

I am a very responsible person, I have struggled with life since I was little, but one makes mistakes sometimes. I wish everyone to be healthy.

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