Desperate Anastasia changed beyond recognition: A dramatic step during the pandemic!

Beauty Anastasia Mai Davis joined a trend on TikTok where users show off their transformations before and after the pandemic, with many people declaring that hers was the clear winner. A woman who thought the pandemic would only last two weeks stunned with her incredible transformation after three yearswrites .

When news of the disease began to spread, Anastasia, like the rest of the population, had no idea what impact covid would have on the whole world. At first she was looking forward to having two weeks off school, but now she realizes how wrong she was.

Her transformation during the time spent at home took everyone’s breath away. Until 3 years ago, she had a blonde hair huge drawn eyebrowsused bold shimmery eyeshadows a artificial tan a she wore false eyelashes and braces.

She gradually improved her make-up to create more natural look, she lightened her already blonde hair. At the end of the transformation, it can also be seen that Anastasia already he doesn’t wear a brace, so he reveals his straight teeth. You can find the video above in the article.

Several people went to the comments to Anastasia praised, with some claiming she underwent the biggest makeover of all time. “So this is a glow,” wrote one. Another user raved as well. “Oh my god, wow,” he added.

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