Comedian Evelyn: Serious operation! She learned the diagnosis by accident, the worst was threatening

Comedian Eva Kramerová aka Evelyn is very active on social networks, which is why her fans immediately noticed when she didn’t respond for a long time. After two weeks, she broke her silence and it was revealed that she ended up on the operating table.

She published photos from the hospital and also a shot of her face that required courage. “Hello Pusinky, I’ve had a serious operation and I’m alive and happy. Those who wrote to me and didn’t know that what was clicking, my sled was clicking and I’m a mess,” Evelyn confided. She found out about her problem with the respiratory tract actually by accident when she was having braces done.

She got in touch with the doctor, then things went downhill fast and Evelyn underwent a major operation. “I also wanted to tell you about it, but since this “happening” was happening on my head, I couldn’t talk or completely manage to “live”, but I’m managing a little now, so I wanted to greet you,” the comedian began with her usual dose positive energy.

“Many of you wrote to me and were afraid, which is really beautiful. Thank you. Anyway, I won’t say professional names, but in short: my breathing tube was completely compressed, especially in my sleep I felt that I was not resting, but mostly I was gasping for breath all night and suffocating again and again (apnea). It was very unpleasant to live with, and above all, there was a risk that I wouldn’t have to live with it for long. Because when your brain is not oxygenated, you will meditate for nothing,” she shocked fans.

She also explained to them what she had to undergo. “Both jaws had to be moved forward to create space. That’s how I describe it as a layman. In translation, a train ran over my head, I broke my bones, something screwed up and now I can breathe well,” the comedian openly described. People are sending her hugs and wishing Evelyn a quick hello through the comments.

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