Carrying your phone to the bathroom is bad for your health. It will bring pain into your life, warns a gastroenterologist

Do you take your phone with you to the bathroom? Surfing the internet or handling correspondence? Experts warn against such behavior. But why?

Your gut in the spotlight

Digestion is a big topic. Each of us has dealt with diarrhea, constipation or bloating and flatulence at some point in our lives. Digestion is already problematic for small children who suffer from wind. Throughout our lives, we deal with the speed of our metabolism, various diets and weight loss, immunity, intestinal microbiota, probiotics or sitting on the toilet. Yes, it’s all about digestion, and experts examine all possible pros and cons of different menus, as well as ways to defecate most efficiently.

That’s exactly what this post from the YouTube channel “You know that…” deals with.

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What does the phone have to do with hemorrhoids?

And how is the phone related to going to the toilet? It’s not actually a phone at all. It is equally inappropriate to read a magazine or jokes on the toilet, which is so common in some households that you can also find an organizer for newspapers and other reading material in the toilet.

So what is problematic if not the phone? Long sitting! If you have problems with emptying, try to solve the problem actively by sitting on the toilet bowl for half an hour.

Our habits are also behind the emergence of hemorrhoids

The smoothness of digestion and emptying depends primarily on what we eat and drink, and possibly also on movement. Everyone is different, that’s definitely true, but physical exercises will definitely help move our digestion as well.
Adequate fluids are very important. Keep track of how much you drink each day and try to include, for example, herbal teas that help the peristalsis of the intestines or soften the stool.

Fiber is definitely important too. You can include some types of fruit in your diet, including the famous dried plums or compote fruit, which is also significantly beneficial for constipation.

In any case, you can also help your digestion by consuming probiotics. Therefore, kefir or other fermented foods are suitable. Sauerkraut, spicy Asian vegetables kimchi or kombucha drink are worth trying.

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