Bangkok socialite denies blackmail in high-society assault case

A high-profile socialite vehemently denied allegations of blackmail after accusing a well-known high-society individual, the son of a prominent politicianof sexual assault. Police are expediting their investigation, seeking testimony from an additional witness who reportedly aided the victim’s escape.

Officials are prepared to issue a summons to the young high-society man today, stressing that there has been no external pressure on the case.

At 3pm today, February 12, at the Prawet Police Station, legal advisors Aekaphop Luengpradit and Suchada Thansathit supported the 25 year old victim, known as Miss A (a pseudonym), in following up on her case. She alleges that the 27 year old son of Aphichai Techa-udom, a powerful politician and executive committee member of the ruling Palang Pracharath Party (PPRP), attempted to overpower and molest her.

The incident reportedly took place in Nong Bon, Prawet District, at 7.30pm on February 8.

Miss A recounts initially encountering the suspect at a restaurant before being taken to the location of the incident. She later reflected on the traumatic experience and decided to pursue legal action, expressing her trust in the legal process to prevent a recurrence with someone else.

Suchada stated that the victim provided the police with additional medical documentation of her injuries, which were sustained while attempting to flee from her captor. The relationship between the victim and the assailant was described as acquaintances within the same social circle.

Bangkok socialite denies blackmail in high-society assault case | News by Thaiger
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Suchada confirmed that the complaint was not an act of blackmail since it had been filed the previous week and that there was no sign of remorse or apology from the perpetrator.

Aekaphop has informed the national police spokesperson, Police Lieutenant General Achayon Kraithong and the case has been forwarded to the National Police Chief. He emphasized that regardless of the perpetrator’s influential family, wealth does not exempt one from prosecution and that an apology is in order since the victim’s family is also of status and is not seeking monetary compensation.

Deputy Investigation Chief at Prawet Police StationPol. Lt. Col. Peerawat Sukrom, explained that following the complaint, the victim was sent for a medical examination and witnesses were interviewed. One more witness, who helped the victim leave the scene, is yet to be questioned.

With evidence gathered, the police are preparing to issue a summons, but an arrest warrant is not yet possible due to the crime’s maximum penalty of less than three years in prison and the suspect’s known residence. The police confirmed that the suspect has been in contact but has not yet disclosed any details related to the case, and there are no concerns of interference, reported KhaoSod.

Bangkok socialite denies blackmail in high-society assault case | News by Thaiger

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