Anita’s millionaire boyfriend buried Rachkov with this VIDEO

Dimitar Rachkov’s former flame Anita Dimitrova was recently dumped by her millionaire boyfriend, to whom she recently got engaged, and the video of the curious incident caused an avalanche of reactions on social networks.

The incident between the tuned blonde and her boyfriend Nicholas Stamper, who is the head of a large and modern health care company, turned out to be just a joke for the entertainment of their followers. From the clip uploaded to Anita’s Instagram profile, it is clear that she is too expensive for the millionaire, who says that he is returning her to Bulgaria.

The playful video is from Barcelona, ​​where the couple spent the last few days, and from the footage it is clear that her current boyfriend has quite good acting skills, no less than the previous Dimitar Rachkov.

It is on the way out of the hotel where they are staying that the millionaire sweeps the blonde on his shoulder, announcing that he is returning her to Sofia, as she is too expensive. We remind you that in our country she recently started working as a real estate broker. To date, however, and with this millionaire boyfriend, she has apparently reconsidered her decision to work.

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