Ana-Maria sings an eternal Bulgarian song in dozens of cathedrals abroad VIDEO

The folk singer Ana-Maria made a video for the eternal Bulgarian song “Ya kaji mi, oblaje le bialo”. The arrangement is by Simeon Somlev, and the virtuoso performance of kaval and mei is by Zlati Petrov.

“I have sung this moving song a cappella in almost all the cathedrals abroad. It has sounded in my performance in the cathedrals of Amiens and Rouen in France, in Almudena in Madrid, San Giovanni in Laterano in Rome, and in many other holy places.

My emotion has always been extremely strong, as the deep text of this song also reflects my life – my son and his family have been living abroad for many years,” says Ana-Maria. And she adds:

“When I sang the song in the cathedrals, foreigners felt this incomparable emotion of mine and cried with me… A unique experience!”

Anna-Maria recorded the song herself three months ago, when she was invited to voice a feature film with her, produced in New Zealand. Then he received an invitation to present the song at the 21st edition of the “Bulgarian Christmas” campaign, which is under the patronage of the President of the Republic of Bulgaria.

“I am happy that the song I performed was appreciated and found a place in this noble charity initiative!”, the talented singer does not hide.

The video for “Ya kaji mi, oblaje le bialo” was her idea and was shot in her native Pancharevo. The photos are around the house where the Irish journalist and great supporter of the Bulgarian cause, James Boucher, stayed when he visited our country.

“I was looking for exactly this symbolism with a foreigner, because we know that Boucher loved Bulgaria as his homeland. I sincerely hope that the video, directed by Teto Atanasov, has recreated the power of the message and that the audience will feel its shocking impact for the last time!”, he adds also the performer.

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