Adela Vinczeová showed her son after a long time: Maličký did not hesitate for a second!

Adela and Viktor Vincze they belong to one of the nicest couples in Slovak show business. They sealed their love in 2017 at a secret wedding in a church in St. Jur. Although they failed to conceive a child together, at the end of 2022, a boy, whom they adopted, entered their lives.

The prominent couple carefully guard their privacy and do not publish their son on social networks at all. “Until now, no one has explained to me why this happens or why people do it. Besides, it might bother him sometime in the future. We are very comfortable and free this way. We don’t show anyone, we don’t share, because we don’t need it, we live our lives,” explained Adela, who does not see the point in why someone shares their privacy on social networks.

She makes an exception from time to time and she did so a few days ago. On Instagram, she posted a picture from the hotel where she was with her beloved son. Tom was enchanted by the decorative lion, which he decided to feed and it made a funny moment.

“Everything was great. It just seems that no one here feeds the lions. So we had to” wrote Adela to the picture, on which she covered her son’s face with emojis. Some curious fans were certainly disappointed not to see him in his full glory and they had no choice but to content themselves with seeing his hand feeding the lion. You can find a funny photo in the gallery.

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