A sixth of car bazaars sell cars with mileage

Car dealerships face fines.

Up to a sixth of car bazaars sell cars with high mileage. Inspections by the Slovak Trade Inspection (SOI) came with this result. They also found a vehicle that had 110,000 kilometers less on the speedometer. Sellers have already received high fines for filling kilometers.

Avizo is one of the car dealers that received a fine for mileage. Autobazaar bought a car with a high mileage from a client. Only the inspectors discovered the fraud.

“Because he was a client we know, we trusted him. There was an initiative from another client and we were contacted by SOI. Of course, after this bad experience, we automatically started to check all the cars,” said Marcel Mátyás, a vehicle seller at Avizo Autobazaar.

Editor Natália Dvoranová prepared the report on mileage:

“We inspected 50 operating units where they offer motor vehicles. Of these, twisting was detected in eight operating units,” explained Kristian Michalek, methodologist for the Department of Market Supervision at the SOI.

“Given the fact that we have been doing vehicle inspections for about 15 years, this cannot happen even when buying, and it cannot even happen that such a car remains standing here,” stressed Lucia Cambelová, owner of Autobazar Cambelová.

It is about tens of thousands of kilometers

According to the inspection results of the Slovak Trade Inspection, the offered vehicles had an average of 47,000 kilometers, while the biggest difference from the actual number was up to 110,000 kilometers.

“There is a completely different market price, if the car has 120,000 km, it won’t cost, I don’t know, 6,000, the car will cost 8,000,” Lucia Cambelová explained.

“That car is actually older. It can break down much sooner, or some basic systems can fail and the car will be unusable, so you have to be careful,” emphasized Andrej Lasz, general secretary of the Association of Industrial Unions and Transport.

Auto bazaars can sell cars with high mileage only if they present the ODO-pass with the vehicle, where all information about the service is written.

“There are websites where you can verify this. You can use them to check whether the car you’re buying has less kilometers than a few years ago,” advises Andrej Lasz.

If a car dealer sells a car that conceals the actual mileage, it can be fined up to 100,000 euros.

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