A revolution in household cleaning: People now started mixing Coca-Cola with soap in droves

We always like to simplify cleaning, so every new effective helper comes in handy. Have you ever tried the good advice of using Coca cola? And what happens when we enhance its effects with the addition of soap…

Although Advent should be a time of calm and contemplation, for most of us right now is the peak of the busiest time of the year. At work, everything that has not been done during the entire period needs to be completed, merchants and postmen do not stop, and even in the home, everything is not yet finished, cleaned and decorated as we would imagine. And it is at such a moment that advice comes in handy, which can significantly speed up and, above all, simplify some of the work. Are you inspired by people who have already tried it?

What happens when we mix coke with soap? Check out the youtube channel simple & fast:

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Coke for everything…

It is no news that Coca cola or other cola drinks can literally do wonders in the home. Inventors use them, for example, when we need to loosen a stuck screw, but we usually reach for them when we need to clean something. Coke is a good agent on its own, but if we stick to the rule that nothing is so perfect that it can’t be improved, it creates an exceptionally effective mixture that almost works on its own.

Even better?

Let’s try it a bit like the dog and the cat when they baked a cake out of the best stuff. They didn’t succeed then, but this time it’s a different case. We add thinly sliced ​​or even better grated soap to Cola, which we could successfully use on its own. As soon as it dissolves, which you will also notice when the mixture stops forming foam, we have prepared a perfect cleanser that combines the advantages of both ingredients – the power of cola and the degreasing ability of soap.

In the kitchen and in the bathroom

How and where can we best use the home remedy to fight dirt? Practically anywhere, whether it is a kitchen or perhaps a bathroom or toilet. Cola with soap cleans the old stainless steel sink very well and with almost no work and restores its shine. Just pour the product on the places you want to clean and wait a few minutes. Then everything will be done quickly with a sponge and clean water for rinsing.

A little time and patience

As with the sink, we will also proceed in the case of cleaning the toilet. Here, however, it is more appropriate to let the product work for a little longer, ideally overnight. We will be careful to get the cola into hard-to-reach places and after a few hours it will be enough for us to wipe off the rest of the cleaner and any dirt with it with a toilet brush. We rinse and it’s done – almost no work. We can also treat a sink or bathtub, stainless steel faucets and the like.

Prevention is best

If we wanted to take care of the toilet on an ongoing basis, there is nothing simpler than pouring the prepared mixture into a half-liter PET bottle and carefully making a few small holes in it. We will then put the bottle in the water container and with every flush we will be sure that the toilet is cleaned again and again.

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