A professional cleaner revealed his trick to easily wash a shower curtain without scrubbing

Could you advise on cleaning the shower curtain? A cleaning pro revealed his perfect trick on social media to get it done once or twice.

Cleaning the bathroom, shower and curtains

How to clean a shower curtain easily? It depends on what it is made of. Today, you can come across a number of materials that can differ significantly in terms of processing, and therefore also in the appropriate cleaning method. You can even damage the material with an unsuitable cleaning agent. But there is one fairly simple method that works on all types of curtains.

Proper cleaning of the bathroom is sometimes difficult. Compared to other rooms in the home, cleaning is complicated by limescale and sometimes mold, which usually settles in the least accessible places. See how Oldřiška Bláhová coped with cleaning the bathroom. It’s an easy way to get rid of all kinds of bathroom dirt.

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Easy cleaning of the shower curtain

Whether your shower curtain is made of plastic or waterproof fabric, you can easily wash it in the washing machine. This was revealed by Kristopher Juniel on the USA Today show in the series Problem Solved, episodes of which are also in parts on social networks. The all-rounder offers solutions to various problems in the home, including the bathroom.

Just remove the hanger from the flip-flops or rings and put it in the washing machine. If the curtain is plastic, add one towel as well. This will prevent the plastic from forming a ball floating above the surface of the water.

Wash on the usual program, but rather at a lower temperature. Each curtain should be equipped with a label with markings on how to wash or iron the curtain. If you can’t find it, then you should know that plastics and synthetic fabrics should be washed at around 40°C. You can add regular detergent, or even a little vinegar.

Why use vinegar on a shower curtain?

Why vinegar? Ordinary kitchen vinegar is an excellent cleaner that is also suitable for ordinary laundry, but it can literally do wonders with a shower curtain. Vinegar dissolves scale that settles on the surface, outside the fabric and seams. By dissolving the stone, it allows the detergent to reach the material and clean it well.

Acidic vinegar also helps dissolve grease. This one comes not so much from washing your body as from different cosmetics. It accumulates not only on the hinge, but also in the drain. The result of accumulation is well known in similarly impenetrable waste pipes.

Vinegar also acts against possible mold. It is also in hard-to-reach places in the seams or a pattern of plastic curtains, from which it is very difficult to get out. Acidic vinegar can also deal with mold and you should also use it as a preventive measure, which we’ll talk about in a moment.

The last and no less important reason to use vinegar is its ability to eliminate odors. Even though the vinegar has a very sour smell, it soon dissipates and leaves behind a very fresh smell, which you will especially appreciate in poorly ventilated bathrooms.

Hang the curtain straight away after washing. Just like curtains, a shower curtain hangs and straightens better when hung wet.

If you are worried about mold or the greasy ends of the curtain, which often touch the bottom of the shower or bathtub, prepare a solution with vinegar. As already mentioned, vinegar has a number of cleaning abilities, so applying the spray after each shower will minimize the staining of the curtain and make it easier for you to take care of the bathroom. Water and vinegar in a ratio of 4:1 is also suitable for cleaning and washing tiles and flooring or chrome-plated bathroom parts. But always wipe them dry.

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