A month-old baby died after his mother put him in the oven

The victim’s mother may receive a life sentence.

A woman from Kansas, USA, put her one-month-old baby in a hot oven. According to the claims of 26-year-old accused Mariah Thomas, it was a mistake. She thought she had put her daughter to bed. The news website reported on the case.

The American woman was supposed to confess to her father, who she told about her alleged mistake. “I thought I put (child’s name) in the crib and put her in the oven by mistake,” she allegedly told the victim’s grandfather, who gave a statement to police.

Upon arrival, police officers observed obvious burns on the child. That’s according to court documents. The Kansas City Fire Department said the month-old baby was pronounced dead at the scene.

“We appreciate the work of all the emergency responders who worked at the scene and the prosecutors who came forward to pursue these charges,” said Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters-Baker.

If Thomas is convicted under the laws of the state of Missouri, where the tragedy occurred, she faces ten years to life in prison.

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